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Action News 5 Poll: Which vacant building do you think is the biggest eyesore in Memphis?

Mayor A C Wharton joined Cardinals officials last month to announce a deal was in the works to bail out the beleaguered Redbirds. Memphis City Council delayed the vote for the city of Memphis to buy AutoZone Park to next week. Memphis Mayor A C Wharton fears the eyesore of an empty AutoZone park if the deal does not go through.

The council did approve $15 million in public funds to complete the $175 million needed for the Crosstown Sears Project. The Sears Crosstown tower is arguably the biggest eyesore near the Midtown area.

After the council meeting Tuesday, the Action News 5 digital team started thinking about other vacant buildings in Memphis deemed eyesores that have been out of the spotlight for some time. We want to know which building you think it the biggest eyesore in the city. Participate in our poll. If there is a vacant building you think needs to be listed please email

Make sure to check back with WMCTV.COM next week for a follow-up on this poll.

  • Which vacant building do you think is the biggest eyesore in Memphis?

  • Thank you for participating in our poll. Here are the results so far:

    Sterick Building in Downtown Memphis
    149 votes
    Chisca Hotel in Downtown Memphis
    80 votes
    Sears Crosstown Tower
    97 votes
    Celebration Station in Raleigh
    160 votes
    Mid-South Coliseum in Midtown
    97 votes
    French Quarter Inn in Overton Square
    137 votes
    Southbrook Mall in Whitehaven
    121 votes
    Former Country Hearth Inn & Suites in Midtown
    53 votes
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