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Andy's Rest. Scorecard: 4 Lows, 1 Lesson in Bad PR

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By Andy Wise - bio | email

(WMC TV) - Four Shelby County restaurants really tanked their health inspections this week.

Only one of them seems to respect how it appears on the Scorecard.

Wing Stop, 1605 N. Germantown Pkwy in Cordova, TN, barely passed inspection with a 71 Aug. 5:

"no hot water available at handsink"

two "waste water leaks"

"raw wings (at unsafe food temp)"

Unlike the managers and owners of the other three low scores (please see below), Wing Stop's Donald Nance seems to grasp the value of getting out in front of his store's problems.

"We had some challenges," he said. "So we're here to fix them."

Nance let Action News 5 hang right by his side and conduct our own inspection -- crawling under both sinks to confirm Nance had plumbers repair the leaks, testing the hot water at the handsink (it works now) and watching his staff implement strict hygiene policies for handling Wing Stop's raw wings.

"While we're cooking them, they remain in an ice bath just beside the deep fryer," Nance demonstrated. "If we're not cooking, we simply put them back in the (cooler).

"Our customers are our friends, and we definitely want to have relationships. And we want to get to know people by their name and even their order."

That's how a good restaurant handles a bad week.

Here's how not to handle one:

Danver's, 1468 Union Ave., rated a 71 on Aug. 4:

"roaches near utility sink"

"roaches on prep table"

"employee touched face/glass ware and continued to prepare food"

The Danver's restaurant chain is a perennially poor-performer on the Scorecard. In 2009, its locations either failed or rated the lowest inspection score four times in an 8-month period. Its Union Ave. location failed twice during that period.

In Aug. 2010, the Danver's location in Bartlett, TN -- 7970 Highway 64 -- earned back-to-back 71's, once on initial inspection, then again on re-inspection when its staff did not correct critical violations.

Danver's president John Golon has been a vocal critic of the health department. The department's supervisors have told me their environmentalists cringe when it's inspection day at a Danver's.

Golon's also the only Mid-South restaurateur to address me as something I cannot put into print.

For the Union Ave. store's latest score, Golon sent an e-mail with his standard line:  "Our only comment is that all violations have been corrected and we are awaiting re-inspection."

Sekisui Midtown, 25 S. Belvedere Blvd., scored a 72 Aug. 4:

"beef, chicken (at unsafe food temp)"

"pink mold build up" on faucet handle

"dirty" written 12 TIMES to describe store conditions

An employee identified only as "Ricky" told me I would have to talk to the manager, a woman he identified as "Lee." Ricky kindly took my cell number and said Lee would return my call.

She didn't.

Mezcal Restaurante Mexicano, 11615 Hwy. 70 in Arlington, TN, earned a 73 Aug. 1:

"chicken left on prep table, unattended for over 20 min. (potentially hazardous food temp)"

"food handler wiped prep surface with cloth he had in back pocket and then hand-cleaned utensils"

An employee named "Juan" said I would have to talk to his boss, Francisco Alvares. He took my message, my phone number -- and they both disappeared into oblivion.

Any restaurant can have a bad week. 

How its bosses handle it should make or break earning your business.


Original Honey Baked Ham of Georgia, 1727 N. Germantown Pkwy, Cordova, TN, 96 on Aug. 5 

Thai Bistro, 149 Madison Ave., Downtown Memphis, 96 on Aug. 2 

Arnold's BBQ, 6721 Shelby Dr., Hickory Hill/SE Memphis, 95 on Aug. 3 

Cobb's Fish & Wings (formerly Dominque's Hot Wings & Catfish) , 4612 Winchester Rd., Parkway Village/SE Memphis, 95 on Aug. 5 

Tops BBQ, 1286 Union Ave., Medical District/Midtown, 95 on Aug. 2 

Papa John's Pizza, 1434 Union Ave., Medical District/Midtown, 95 on Aug. 1 

Tops BBQ, 8490 Wilkinsville Rd., Millington, TN, 93 on Aug. 5 

KFC, 8322 Highway 51, Millington, TN, 91 on Aug. 4 

Chinese Restaurant & Express Food, 3551 Tchulahoma Rd., Capleville/Airport Area, 90 on Aug. 3 

Pop's Deli, 6755 E. Shelby Dr., Hickory Hill/SE Memphis, 90 on Aug. 3 

The Fox & Hound, 819 Exocet Dr., Cordova, TN, 90 on Aug. 2 

Burger King, 1330 Poplar Ave., Crosstown/Midtown Memphis, 90 on Aug. 1 

Rice Bowl Chinese Restaurant, 2705 Getwell Rd., Fox Meadows/SE Memphis, 89 on Aug. 4 

Hot Wings Express, 6761 E. Shelby Dr., Hickory Hill/SE Memphis, 89 on Aug. 3 

New Hong Kong, 4594 Quince Rd., East Memphis, 88 on Aug. 3 

Wendy's, 6781 E. Shelby Dr., Hickory Hill/SE Memphis, 88 on Aug. 3 

Dan McGuiness, 4698 Spottswood Ave., East Memphis, 87 on Aug. 3 

McDonald's, 8062 Highway 64, Bartlett, TN, 87, date not listed

Chef's Downtown Wings, 200 Poplar Ave., Downtown Memphis, 86, date not listed 

El Mezcal, 1492 Union Ave., Midtown Memphis, 85 on Aug. 4 

Tellini's, 7974 Highway 64, Bartlett, TN, 85 on Aug. 2 

Taqueria Guadalupana, 3160 Austin Peay Hwy., Raleigh/N. Memphis, 83 on Aug. 2 

Colton's Steakhouse & Grill, 8030 Highway 64, Bartlett, TN, 83 on Aug. 3 

New China, 2857 Kirby Pkwy, East Memphis, 82, date not listed 

Akasuka, 7685 Farmington Blvd., Germantown, TN, 82 on Aug. 4 

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