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Andy's Rest. Scorecard: Dixie Queen Double DOWN, plus scores as of 8/18/11

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(WMC-TV) - Two stores from the same restaurant chain tied for the Low Score of the Week.

The twin cellar-dwellers have the folks who run Dixie Queen -- running damage control.

"The name 'Dixie Queen,' it speaks for itself," said Tamiko Clayton, a store supervisor.

For the last two years, the Scorecard hasn't like what Dixie Queen's saying. Or doing.

In its latest struggle, Dixie Queen's stores in Frayser at 331 Overton Crossing and in South Memphis at 4062 S. Third St. rated health inspection scores of 71 on the same day, Aug. 16:


"ham in make-line cooler (at unsafe food temp)"

"fries in uncovered container (at unsafe food temp)"

"soft serve mix (at unsafe food temp)"

"old, dried, moldy debris in drip tray of soft serve machine"


"chicken wings (at unsafe food temp)"

"hamburger patties, hot dogs (at unsafe food temp)"

"numerous flies inside establishment - eliminate"

"There is no excuse for a 71," said David Raffanti, owner/operator of both the Frayser and South Memphis stores. "I got my pest control guy coming up with some kind of system (to solve the fly problem).

"I had an employee who worked at both stores that I just got rid of for not doing her job. You should be ready for an inspection 24 hours, seven days a week."

Three of Dixie Queen's nine locations (Frayser, South Memphis and 6769 E. Shelby Dr. on the edge of Hickory Hill) have either failed their health inspections or scored below 75 in the last two years.

The location on Third Street has earned the Scorecard's Low Score of the Week three times.

"It's an on-going process that we are always switching management teams and stuff, so that's probably one of the reasons (for our poor inspections)," said Clayton. "Everybody is not up to the procedure on it, so it's like once we hear about it, we're immediately on it."

"We've been around since 1949," Raffanti added. "We take pride in our stores."

"We're going to give you 100 percent every time you come," Clayton said. "It's going to keep you coming back."

Hopefully, I'll come back for a burger or ice cream, instead of a reprimand for yet another poor Dixie Queen health inspection. 


Starbucks, 4465 Poplar Ave., Oak Court Mall/East Memphis, 100 on Aug. 12 

Great American Cookies, 4465 Poplar Ave., Oak Court Mall/East Memphis, 99 on Aug. 12 

Rumba Room, 303 S. Main St., South Main District/Downtown Memphis, 98 on Aug. 11 

Poplar Perk'n, 4610 Poplar Ave., East Memphis, 97 on Aug. 15 

Tao Asian Eatery, 2072 West St., Germantown, TN, 94 on Aug. 15 

Arby's, 975 Union Ave., Medical District, 93 on Aug. 17 

Godiva Chocolate, 4465 Poplar Ave., Oak Court Mall/East Memphis, 93 on Aug. 12 

Sun Studio Café, 710 Union Ave., Medical District/Downtown Memphis, 92 on Aug. 17 

Gracie Bleu, 9155 Poplar Ave., Germantown, TN, 92 on Aug. 16. 

New China Inn Buffet, 4430 Elvis Presley Blvd., Whitehaven, 92 on Aug. 15 

Krystal, 4395 Elvis Presley Blvd., Whitehaven, 90 on Aug. 15 

Backyard Burger, 2110 West St., Germantown, TN, 90 on Aug. 15 

Jack Pirtle's Chicken, 4349 Elvis Presley Blvd., Whitehaven, 88 on Aug. 15 

Schlotzsky's Deli, 4758 Poplar Ave., East Memphis, 88 on Aug. 15 

McAlister's Deli, 9091 Poplar Ave., Germantown, TN, 86 on Aug. 16 

Piccadilly Cafeteria, 3968 Elvis Presley Blvd., Whitehaven, 86 on Aug. 15 

Blues City Café, 135 Beale St., Downtown Memphis, 86 on Aug. 15 

Old Venice Pizza Company, 368 S. Perkins Extd., East Memphis, 86 on Aug. 15 

Sonic Drive-In, 4525 Stage Rd., Raleigh/Bartlett, 85 on Aug. 18 

Marlowe's Restaurant, 4381 Elvis Presley Blvd., Whitehaven, 85 on Aug. 15 

Piccadilly Cafeteria, 4996 Stage Rd., Raleigh/NE Memphis, 84 on Aug. 18 

Arby's, 2016 Germantown Pkwy, Germantown, TN, 83 on Aug. 18 

Shoney's, 3081 Covington Pike, Raleigh/NE Memphis, 83 on Aug. 15 

Golden Coast, 1140 N. Germantown Pkwy, Cordova, TN, 83, no date listed 

Burger King, 2090 Union Ave., Midtown Memphis, 83 on Aug. 15 

McDonald's, 674 N. Germantown Pkwy, Cordova, TN, 82 on Aug. 16 

Sakura Japanese Restaurant, 2060 West St., Germantown, TN, 82 on Aug. 15 

Perkins Restaurant, 1340 Germantown Rd., Germantown, TN, 80 on Aug. 18 

IHOP, 2060 Union Ave., Midtown Memphis, 80 on Aug. 15 

Holiday Deli & Ham Co., 2087 Union Ave., Midtown Memphis, 79 on Aug. 16 

Applebee's Neighborhood Grill, 2114 Union Ave., Midtown Memphis, 76 on Aug. 15

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