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Dash cam video released of night Chavis Carter died

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Chavis Carter, the man found dead in the back of a patrol car in Jonesboro. Chavis Carter, the man found dead in the back of a patrol car in Jonesboro.

(WMC-TV) – Action News 5 obtained never before seen dash cam video of what happened the night Chavis Carter was found dead in the back of a Mid-South patrol car.

The video, which is over 90 minutes long, was released late Thursday night. It includes footage from the night Chavis died, as well as interviews of witnesses.

Action News 5 crews are sorting through the footage since it was made available.

In the video, a white truck was pulled over by Jonesboro Officer Ron Marsh.

Marsh gets out and heads over to the passenger side of the truck.  That is when Chavis Carter got out of the vehicle.  There were two other men in the truck.

The audio on this dash cam is inaudible at times, but parts of the conversation can be heard.

Marsh can be heard asking if Carter has identification before patting him down and escorting him to the back of the patrol car.

From inside the cruiser, we hear an officer quiz Carter once again about his identification.

Also in the video, a bag of what is reportedly drugs is laying on the hood of the cruiser.

What is not clearly seen or heard on the tape is a gunshot.

There is also not video or audio of officer Marsh finding Carter shot in the backseat.

But several eyewitnesses say they saw what happened next.

"The other officer jumped out the car, ran, and opened two back doors of the vehicle and next thing I know that's when the ambulance pulled up but other than that I didn't hear a gunshot or nothing like that," said Casper Gibson, who witness the incident.

Two other witnesses say they saw the traffic stop.  They are on the video as they interviewed with investigators.

Action News 5 is still assessing the video.  Justin Hanson will have more on this story this afternoon.

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