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TN governors pushes for school vouchers

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(WMC-TV) - Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam is pushing for school vouchers statewide that would allow children in failing public schools to move to higher performing private schools.

The governor would like to see more children go to better schools. His pitch Tuesday for school vouchers could allow parents to take their children out of failing public schools and put them in better ones.

This is an issue that has been on the governor's mind for quite some time, including when he visited Memphis last December.

"There's two or three big questions," said Governor Haslam. "How much follows the child? The two, who qualifies?"

The specifics will be discussed in great detail this week among Tennessee lawmakers, meanwhile, a MTSU poll shows a great divide of support among Tennesseans.

The poll found 46 percent of adults are opposed to the plan compared with the 40 percent who are in support of it, and the 12 percent who are undecided.

It is almost a dead heat given the four point margin of error.

When you break it down among race, the numbers are very different.

Sixty-three percent of minorities favor the plan compared with 37 percent of white voters.

It is nearly a statistical tie based upon party affiliation.

Thirty-eight percent of Republicans support it compared with 41 percent of Independents and 45 percent of Democrats.

Both the Tennessee house and senate education committees are expected to discuss the school voucher bill Wednesday.

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