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Pastor of new church makes request to KKK rally

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(WMC-TV) - It may be nothing more than a polite request, and it very well may get ignored – but a pastor who is starting a new church in town said he is trying to send a message anyway.

Daniel Moore is a pastor starting a church called Overflow Life.

"We came to Memphis from Chattanooga. We moved here just a few weeks ago," said Moore.

The first headline he saw when he got here was about how the KKK plans to demonstrate at 140 Adams on Easter weekend.

"This is not the time for division, and really all something like that is going to do is further divide the city," said Moore.

Moore said a KKK rally doesn't represent the city he has come to know over the past few weeks. He felt compelled to make a request.

"As a clergyman I want to implore and ask that the leaders of this movement of the Klan that they cease, that they stop this and particularly on Easter weekend."

Memphis police said they are preparing for everything, some officers even getting riot training. Moore said he hopes it is all unnecessary.

"There's a whole lot of us who don't agree with this. We believe in hope. We believe in healing old wounds," said Moore. "Am I going to be downtown? I hope that nobody is downtown on Easter weekend."

Moore said he is actively seeking other clergy to join him in making his request.

The KKK rally is scheduled for March 30, the rainout day is March 31.

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