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Southaven Mayor's decision to run for re-election stirs opinions

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(WMC-TV) - Southaven Mayor Greg Davis filing for re-election as an independent Friday was a bombshell of an announcement.

The embattled mayor's surprise decision is leaving voters with different opinions.

Many people did not want to talk about Davis' run for re-election in person. 

But Friday Davis took to Facebook to ask his constituents what they thought. Similarly, commenters on the Action News 5 Facebook page shared a variety of thoughts on the political news. 

"If he even comes remotely close to winning there should be a thorough investigation. I can't imagine people would vote him back in," said one user named Amanda. 

Another Facebook user said the only opinion that really counts will be the opinion of the qualified voters of Southaven.

"I used to live in Southaven, there is no question that Southaven has reached its status because of Davis, but I think it's time to call it quits, I support him on being true to [himself],"  said one user named Michael.

Back at a DeSoto County gas station, TTY Stewart said he thinks Southaven is a wonderful community.

"I am a fan of Greg Davis. Unfortunately due to some events that have taken place here recently, I'm a little disappointed in his character, and what has taken place here," said Stewart.  

He admits he also took to Facebook to give Davis his thoughts. 

"He asked friends and family for their comments. Again all I could do there is state that I would just pray for him and his family. And wished him the best of luck," said Stewart. 

He said the bottom line is the controversy surrounding Davis isn't anything new.

"Overall I'm a little disappointed in politicians as a whole, local and [nationally]. There seems to be no integrity now a days, I hope to see someone bring it back," said Stewart. 

There are six Republican candidates who have filed for mayor. They include Gerald Clifton, Josh Anderson, Gerald Wheeler, Mark Gardner, Christopher Klass, and Darren Musselwhite. Coria Williams filed late Friday afternoon as the democrat candidate for mayor.

Under Davis, Southaven has become the third largest city in Mississippi.

Also, he has recently been at the spending investigation by the state of Mississippi, and was indicted by a grand jury on charges of embezzlement and money mismanagement last December.

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