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Heavy rain leads to 'river', sinkhole in woman's yard

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Photograph taken of Carolyn Scott's backyard Photograph taken of Carolyn Scott's backyard

(WMC-TV) - Whitehaven resident Carolyn Scott says when it rains, it pours - and she is not kidding.

Scott says there is a river running through her backyard as a result of heavy rain. She cannot control it and she says the city is not even trying to.

Carolyn Scott has lived along Lakeview Road for 10 years now. For the past two years, she says she has been about to wash away.

Cell phone video taken by Scott shows what looks like a river gushing through her backyard.

"I don't know where it's coming from. I just know it's coming down through here and washing my land away," she said.

Scott says during heavy rainstorms, water fills the ditch behind her home. She says high water also created a three foot sinkhole in her backyard.

"The water is coming from up here on McCorkle, down on my land here...it's trenches and ditches," she continues.

During Sunday's heavy rains, Scott says she was once again reminded of her ongoing problem.

"The water is so forceful and it was roaring," Scott said. "I was in the backyard and I said what in the world is that, the water was roaring." 

Debris is now piled up against her back fence and leafs cover her backyard bridge.

She says it is all evidence of the gushing water that takes over her property during storms. She believes the problem lies in the fact that the sewers in her neighborhood are not maintained.

"This is how tall the water gets. It comes up to this bridge. It's about six feet of water," explained Scott.

Scott says when she bought the house, the problem was not nearly as bad. She is now left with a muddy mess that only seems to get worse.

"I have a river, have a river here and the city says I'm responsible for it," Scott said.

Memphis Public Works officials tell Action News 5 they have inspected Scott's house several times. They say the flooding is not a city's responsibility.

City officials were not aware of the sinkhole. They say they will plan another visit to asses the new erosion.

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