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Tools to challenge your property re-appraisal

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(WMC-TV) - They've already filled mailboxes in Millington and Frayser.

Germantown's and Collierville's went out Monday.

The Shelby County property assessor's office has mailed half of the county's 2013 property re-appraisals. Assessor Cheyenne Johnson said 89 percent of the county's single-family homes dipped in value.

"But an individual's property value may have increased if the individual made an addition to their home since last year, if it's a new construction altogether or maybe an individual took the time to exercise their right to appeal," Johnson said.

Johnson's office has posted a re-appraisal mailing schedule, as well as an informal appeal review form and an appeals process schedule.

For the first time, the assessor's web site offers color mapping of neighborhood sales data, in addition to square footage, specs and sales comps.

"So an individual can go to their particular neighborhood and actually see the sales that reflect activity in their neighborhood," said Johnson.

Chandler Reports, based in Downtown Memphis and owned by Memphis Daily News, offers Shelby County property-owners a free analysis to determine if it's worth their time to appeal their re-appraisals.

Then for a fee, its property experts will help consumers make sense of six detailed reports on their properties.

"Six separate reports of sales comps, neighborhood information, foreclosure information, property it's a little more thorough, and we do a little bit more of the appeal work for you," said Eric Barnes, publisher of Chandler Reports.

Property-owners do not have to wait for a re-appraisal year (every four years) to contest their property tax appraisals. For what it's worth, I used both the assessor's data and Chandler Reports to appeal my property's assessment last year. I won my appeal to the Shelby County Board of Equalization, earning a $50,000-plus adjustment to my appraisal and saving me hundreds of dollars on my property taxes.

In past years, Action News 5 has profiled Shelby County homeowners who have successfully appealed their property re-appraisals. Click here for those.

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