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Precious cargo arrives safely via the FedEx Panda Express

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(Source: FedEx) (Source: FedEx)
(Source: FedEx) (Source: FedEx)

(WMC-TV) - Two giant pandas arrived in Toronto Monday morning via the FedEx Panda Express.

Er Shun, 5, and her prospective mate, Da Mao, 4, took a charter flight from China to become the main attraction at the Toronto Zoo.

The pandas made the 14 hour flight with 200 kilos of bamboo, 100 kilos of bamboo shoots, 45 kilos of apples, and plenty of fresh water to keep the pandas hydrated until they reached their new home.

Er Shun and Da Mao will spend five years at the Toronto Zoo, followed by another five years at the Calgary Zoo.

The loan and transport of these pandas is a major effort in diplomacy between China and Canada... and FedEx and the Memphis Zoo are right in the middle of it.

In addition to FedEx playing a huge role in the shipment, the Memphis Zoo is also lending a big hand.

Since bamboo does not grow well in Canada, the zoo will send regular shipments of bamboo from its farm at the Agricenter.

According to experts, adult pandas eat about 100 pounds of bamboo per day. The Memphis Zoo will ship about 700 pounds of bamboo two or three times each week via FedEx.

This flight was the sixth for the FedEx Panda Express.

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