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Andy's Restaurant Scorecard: Out at the "Plate"

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(WMC TV) - Malfunctioning equipment contributed to a Tipton County, TN, restaurant rating one of the lowest health inspection scores on the Restaurant Scorecard.

Casa Piatto Caffe, also known as Home Plate Caffe, 45 Reeder Rd. in Munford, failed its April 9 health inspection with a 54.

Some of its critical violations, according to Tennessee Department of Health Restaurant Environmentalist Teddy Burns:

"...moldy sausage in walk-in cooler..."
"...excessive dented cans on the racks..."

"...ham in the prep area & slaw in the cooler (at unsafe food temps)"

"...make table (cooling/heating) not working properly; walk-in cooler not working properly..."

"...dishwasher not sanitizing..."

"...unlabeled chemical bottles stored beside food items..."

"I love the restaurant," said regular Barbara Frison of Munford. "But after seeing its score, I really was concerned whether we should go ahead and eat the eggs and bacon or not."

Jim Anglin, a partner of the restaurant, said a contractor has fixed problems with the walk-in cooler and prep table, but he said he must still hire a plumber to fix other issues.

Anglin added the restaurant does not have a history of poor scores. State health records indicate Home Plate Caffe has failed inspection once before with a 61. But it did earn a perfect 100 last October after it changed owners.

"We've had nothing in past grades like this before, but that's no excuse for it," Anglin said. "We've got some things that we've got to do. 

"We don't want to poison anybody. We've built up a business here, and we don't want to watch it go to Hell in a hand-basket."

"We don't want to see it go away, either," said Frison. "But we want it to be held accountable. Nobody wants to get sick from eating breakfast."


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