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Money missing from Mid-South high school

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(WMC-TV) – Tens of thousands of dollars may be missing from a Memphis high school. Boosters and the district are working to determine exactly how much and who took it.

The Melrose High School sign does not have a tiger on it.

Alumnus and school board member Kenneth Whalum, Junior is proud to say the mascot is not even a "regular" wildcat.

He says, "It's a golden wildcat, understand me."

The Melrose community is committed to its school and allegations of missing money are concerning.

Whalum says, "If it is true that has happened, it wouldn't be the first time and it wouldn't be the only school it's happened at.

In this case, Melrose PTSA members first became concerned about unaccounted for concession stand profits, possibly overseen by en ex-con not allowed, under policy, to even be on school property.

They were later concerned about a $10,000 reimbursement for a basketball tournament in east Tennessee that may have only required one night's stay.

Action News 5 spoke to Claudette Boyd who said that, "One person is in charge of collecting money, dispensing money, concession stand, ticket purchases."

Booster and retired Memphis Police captain, Claudette Boyd believes there's a lack of checks and balances and is relieved the school district finally agreed to conduct an audit.

Boyd said, "We're trying to do the right thing, maintain the integrity of the school, and do what's best for Melrose High School."

Something Reverend Whalum has faith will happen, eventually, "If we find all these things are true, then I guess we'll know exactly what to do about it."

Action News 5 was told the school district's audit could be completed by as early as next week. Melrose officials would then have seven days to respond.

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