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Inmates released with electronic monitoring device to save money

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(WMC-TV) - Inmates charged with non-violent crimes are being released early in the state of Mississippi on parole of an electronic ankle bracelet. State leaders are hoping the early release will save money, but does it comes at cost of compromising your safety?

"It lessens the prison population but at the same time lets the inmate know that they are still being punished," said Doug Davis, a former state senator from Hernando and now state parole board chair. "The state is no longer responsible for their care. Housing or medical costs."

If a felon has been convicted of a non-violent crime like shoplifting, forgery, or drugs, they are eligible to be paroled with an electronic bracelet. The inmate is required to pay $85 a month with severe restrictions: No possession of weapons, no drugs or alcohol, no visits to casinos, and no associations with other felons.

Beginning just last month, the state released about 30 or so inmates with this ankle program and they expect to release even more.

"We're still keeping track of them and these are nonviolent offenders," stated Davis.

Any attempt to escape the bracelet will put the felon back in prison immediately. Mississippi state leaders expect to save taxpayers big money with the new program.

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