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The results are in! And the snow leopard cub's new name is...

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(WMC-TV) - Memphis Zoo's new snow leopard cub has a new name -- and it is all thanks to you who voted in its naming contest!

With 44 percent of the vote, the adorable snow leopard cub born July 19 will be named Taza. The name is Kazakh and means "Clear". His nickname will be "Taz" as the zoo anticipates he will be "quite the devil."

Here is a list of the other names that were in the running:

  • Billy - In memory of Billy Wharf, a Memphis Zoo welder who passed away shortly after the cub's birth
  • Worf - In memory of Billy Wharf, but Star Trek-ized due to the cub's vaguely Klingon forehead markings.
  • Baofengxue - (pronounced Bow-FUNG-shweh) Chinese word for "blizzard." Would be called "Bau" or "Bowser."
  • Dudh - (pronounced 'dude') Nepali word meaning "milk." Taken from a list of words and names provided by a keeper's friend from Nepal. Speaks to the cub's obvious love of milk, given how round and well-fed he is.

Worf came in a distant second with 20 percent of the vote. Baofengxue came in third with 16 percent of the vote. Billy had 15 percent, and Dudh (pronounced 'dude') had 5 percent.

Taza is the first snow leopard cub to be born at Memphis Zoo in more than a decade.

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