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Family calls front yard a ‘graveyard’ due to too many car crashes

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(WMC-TV) - A Mid-South family calls their front yard a graveyard. They say there have been dozens of accidents in their yard in just a few years -- some of them fatal.

Jeremy and Lindsay Wallace, of Brighton, have gone so far as to actually come out and take pictures of the dozens of accidents that have taken place. They say enough is enough and they want something done about it.

Lindsay has put up her own warning signs along her driveway to ask drivers to slow down on Holly Grove Road.

"Our kids are scared to play outside," said Lindsay. "My daughter is scared to sleep in her room."

Her daughter's bedroom is located in the front of the house, not far from where many cars have crashed.

Lindsay and her husband say since 1996, there have been more than 40 accidents in their front yard. She says three people have been killed.

Since January of 2008, state troopers and sheriff's deputies have worked 97 crashes along the road.

"The curve, we're at the crest of a hill. People don't slow down enough and they run off into our front yard," Wallace continued.

Wallace says cars often end up in the ditch in front of her house.

Recently, an SUV topped the hill and hit Jeremy Wallace's truck in the driveway, knocking it 10 feet towards the house.

"I fear everyday from sitting in my house, whether a car is gonna come through my wall," she adds.

There's a 50 miler per hour speed limit along Holly Grove, and Wallace wants to see that lowered, for the safety of her children.

"Tipton County is taking some steps. They need to take further steps. Their daughter is out here in the yard," adds attorney David Peel.

The county has already put up warning signs on either side of Wallace's house.

Action News Five talked to Tipton County Public Works Director Shannon Reed.

The county has already done a traffic study in the area and now, he's submitted enough traffic data to the state to do another traffic study in hopes of putting up guard rails in the area.

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