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MY TURN: Does Memphis need to buy a baseball stadium?

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(WMC-TV) - Timing is everything. On the very week, when Memphis city leaders send us to the polls to vote on a half-cent sales tax to pay for pre-K education, they have the gall to talk about having enough resources to buy a baseball stadium.

Baseball's great and AutoZone Park is a Memphis treasure, but the optics of this do not look good. The St. Louis Cardinals are one of the strongest franchises in all of baseball. Do they really need our impoverished city to bail them out?

Memphis cannot afford to send children to pre-K classes without enacting a regressive sales tax, but we can talk about buying a baseball stadium? And there's another element of this that doesn't look good.

The Cardinals put out the press release quoting Mayor A C Wharton as saying he will ask City Council to approve the deal, yet Wharton is telling reporters here in town that he hasn't even seen a draft of the agreement.  And if that's not enough of a warning flag, how about this? The sellers on this deal say we've got to get it done before year-end.

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