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Bang for Your Buck: Find cheaper prices for holiday shopping

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(WMC-TV) – So you missed Black Friday? Not feeling it on Cyber Monday? No worries. There's a little secret many stores don't want you to know: prices are often cheaper…later. A bang for your buck savings, you'll want to know for the holiday shopping season.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are like the popular kids in school: they get all the buzz.

But the money saving website says Cyber Monday never has the lowest prices, it's just the most popular day for online shopping.

As for Toys R Us, Deal News says almost all of its fabulous 15 toys are cheaper two weeks before Christmas, during a weekend sale.

In fact the website studies this and insists you can save 37 percent on holiday toys if you wait two weeks before Christmas.

Consider setting up email alerts for the toys you're interested in, so that you can know immediately when any one of them goes on sale.

Also keep an eye on daily toy deals as we begin the descent into the heart of the holiday season.

There will be probably be no discounts on those real hot toys like the new video game consoles but Deal News says almost everything else from toys to clothing to jewelry will be cheaper just before Christmas, as much as 37 percent.

That way you don't waste your money and you can get more Bang for Your Buck this holiday shopping season.

Is there something you want to save money on?

Email Andrew at and he'll work on ways to get YOU more Bang for your Buck every Monday morning.

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