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Tow truck drivers recommend 'more less' method for driving on ice

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(WMC-TV) - It was a busy weekend for tow truck drivers as cars slid out of control on roadways when winter weather hit the area.

For tow truck drivers like Champ Halam, closing business was not an option like it was for many others.

"We been up all night long working, people running off the ramps and everything like that you know," said Halam, Mace Wrecker Service.

When Action News 5 caught up with Halam, he was pulling a truck out of a ditch. The driver says he hit some black ice and his car went spinning.

"Man be careful out here, don't follow too close," said driver Derrick Harris. "Just be careful."

A couple of miles away on another stretch of road, Derrick Harris was explaining how a car came to a sudden stop in front of him and he slid off of the road trying to avoid the other vehicle.

"So I tried not to, you know what I'm saying, hit them and I hit brakes," he said. "I didn't go all the way in there the car slid in there."

Harris called his friend, O.J. Tapplin, to pull him out.

Tapplin says the ice can sometimes be hard to see on the roads, making it hard for drivers to avoid.

Tow truck drivers recommend the "more less method" to avoid problems, which basically means use MORE caution, and LESS speed.

Tow truck drivers say the bottom line is if you can avoid icy roads, you should, but if you cannot, be careful.

"Man be careful just be careful take it easy, that's all I can tell em," said Tapplin.

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