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Medical Mix-up: Documents sent to wrong person

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What would you do if you opened your mail, and found someone else's medical documents? A Shreveport woman did, and now she wants to know how this could have happened. 

Lillian Parson opened an envelope addressed to her on Wednesday, and found her appointment reminder from University Health Shreveport along with the appointment reminders for 3 other people. The documents included personal information. 

"Their address, their appointment, the time, the doctor they are seeing, the clinic they are going to," says Lillian Parson. 

Parson tried calling University Health, and so did KSLA News 12. 

We caught up with one of the patients whose personal information was sent to Parson's house. 

"I don't like it," says Timothy Christian. 

Parson handed the documents over to University Health Officials, and a Representative released this statement. 

"The hospital is investigating this matter, and the hospital is working to verify if this is a possible violation of HIPAA guidelines," says Joe Miciotto. 

If this does violate HIPAA regulations, University Health will be required to notify the patients whose information was released. Also, University Health will be forced to acknowledge the mix-up on their annual report. 

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