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Memphis veterinarian: Pets are ‘susceptible to these kinds of temperatures’

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(WMC-TV) – Veterinarians and other pet professionals are urging animal owners to take extra precaution with their pets during winter storms.

They say outdoor pets need all of the protection they can get; so make sure they have some kind of heating source or shelter.

Memphis Veterinarian Michael Drennan suggests bringing your pets indoors if you can. Put them in a kitchen or laundry room to get them out of the cold.

If you can't bring them indoors, then put them in your garage.

Dr. Drennan said, "They are wearing a fur coat, but they're still susceptible to these kinds of temperatures."

Doctors say one of the clear signs of pets being too cold is extreme shivering. They also say pets can even get frost bite on their paws.

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